Puyat Steel Corporation was established in 1956 as a division of Gonzalo Puyat and Sons, Inc. The company set-up the first galvanizing plant in the Philippines in answer to the need of the country for galvanized iron sheets to be used in construction, building and roofing materials.

       The pioneering efforts in sheet galvanizing and establishment of Puyat Steel not only contributed to the industrialization program of the Philippine government but also saved the country much needed foreign exchange. It was a dollar-saving industry which boosted the international dollar reserves of the country allowing the government to utilize the dollar savings in importing other necessary items for nation building. 

About Us

Puyat Steel’s founder, Gonzalo Puyat received from Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia in 1961 the Philippine Legion of Honor Award, for achievements as pioneer industrialist. The award is the highest decoration the Philippine government bestows on its citizen.
       Puyat Steel is managed by third and fourth generation members of the organizing family, namely Mr. Edgardo P. Reyes, Chairman, Mr. Aristeo G. Puyat, President,Mr. Wilfrido P. Reyes,Sr. Executive Vice President and Mr. Eugenio R. Puyat II, Executive Vice President.
       Puyat Steel Corporation, in its continued commitment to innovation, has established the first-ever-state-of-the-art continuous galvanizing line. This new plant was allowed the company to offer superior quality galvanized sheet and coils using the modern technology of a non-oxidizing furnace.

The Pioneering Galvanizing Steel Company

The technology of Puyat Steel Corporation has catapulted the country’s steel galvanizing industry to a level at par with developed countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Japan, United States and Europe. This innovative galvanizing plant has a capacity of 150,000 metric tons/year

        Puyat Steel’s non-oxidizing furnace type of galvanizing has definite advantages over traditional flux-type galvanizing, a technology being utilized by most galvanizers in the country. The difference is evident in APO (Puyat Steel’s well-known brand) quality in terms of superior corrosion protection, extraordinary formability and drawability, paintability and excellent weldability. These galvanized products are particularly suited for applications involving deep drawing, press forming, profiling and multiple severe bending.

      APO has able to take the most severe deformation with virtually no cracking or flaking, a world class quality that is now available in the country . This project will complement our government’s national objective of building a fully integrated steel production facility by creating downstream demand for raw materials, thus hastening its development. The availability of world-class galvanized materials such as APO supports other local downstream industries particularly housing, construction, appliances, AUV/bus bodies, steel fabrication, airconducting and steel decking and other metal working industries in developing equally high-value steel products.

  Puyat Steel’s modernization and expansion project is in response to our government’s call for local companies to achieve global competitiveness stature. Puyat Steel’s equipment supplier, who has played a pivotal role in realizing its vision of revolutionizing the local steel industry, is the world’s leading metallurgical engineering designer, Cockerill Mechanical Industries or CMI is part of Cockerill-Sambre Group, the largest flatsheet galvanized products manufacturer in Europe and is among the top five galvanizers in the world. This project bring us together not only the latest and most modern manufacturing facilities but also the know-how and technology to produce world-class galvanized products in the Philippines such as APO .